Diary of a recovering 'fatty' Part 1. An introduction to me

I have purposely picked a good photo - this was just after my diet plan which I plan to restart.

I have purposely picked a good photo - this was just after my diet plan which I plan to restart.

Famous Italian poet Pietro Aretino once said "I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself."

That's what I'm learning with my fitness plan. Not that I am a king, and sometimes I don't rule myself, my stomach does.

Running a business (humblebrag) can be pretty bloomin' hard, but I have recently started to consider alternatives to a Snickers for lunch. Go me!


I am only a couple of days in and I am finding tough. I will level with you I have looked at the colourful sweet isle like a top shelf in a seedy corner shop and thought "just one packet it won't hurt anyone" then the devil is levelled with Angel Craig Rimmer on the other shoulder saying "Stay strong, don't let the short term temptations get in the way of the long term goals". So I don't give in.

My motivation? Not just that Craig will be disappointed. I go to Bali in about a month and know one likes to walk round a tropical island with a flesh coloured tyre round their waste. 

Secondly I have worked with The PT Academy before. It worked so well! I went from about 15% body fat to 8% in no time. Why did I stop? Change of circumstance.

Craig has helped me to be able to use a diet plan MOST IMPORTANTLY (moving forward) which is sustainable. I can build on this. 

This is the most important thing you don't have to be ready for a change in diet or lifestyle. It shouldn't be a choice. Eating well stops you from dying. It extends your life. It most importantly makes you feel a million times better. 

Crazy when you think about it. The benefits of eating well by far outweigh the benefits of eating badly, but human nature suggests that we like what's bad for us.

The PT Academy, without making this too cheesy could save your life! OK maybe I am starting to sound like a sales pitch but it's true!

The final thing is this. Sure you have to eat well and like anything in life reward comes from hard work, but you can still eat a bit of bad food now and again.

Craig has also taught me that if you want a slice of cake on a Sunday that's ok. He has taught me that a treat now and again is OK. It just needs to be balanced and 'earned' as it were.

Think of it as not just a change in diet, but a life boost and most importantly a feel good boost. Right now life is better due to the work I'm doing and I'm feeling good. 

Chat soon!