Being an ex professional athlete I’ve experienced first hand what it takes to achieve personal goals.



Certificate in sports nutrition

Gym based boxing specialist

Anatomy in Motion Practitioner

Spinning instructor

Circuit training

I have years of experience working with some amazing clients to successfully transform people's bodies and lives. I believe exercise and personal training should be hard work but enjoyable.

Hard work will get you heading in the right direction, making it enjoyable will make you consistent and allow you to reach your goal. I'm passionate about health, fitness and general well-being and always give full commitment to my clients helping them achieve quick effective results.


Whether it's transforming your body shape, increasing fitness and strength or rehabilitating an injury, I can guarantee you results. In addition to Personal training I also specialise in assessing and solving posture related injuries which cause discomfort and pain, the most common being working with back pain.


Training will be hard work, enjoyable and motivating in order to ensure people can achieve their goals. Through scientific detailed planning I have helped well over 500 people to do this.


The latest Anatomy in Motion techniques allow me to gain results where other methods may have failed and to create lifelong change for my clients.

Look after your body and your body will look after you.

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