Anatomy in motion philosophy is that the human body is the ultimate healer - a title belonging to no therapist. 

I cant thank The PT Academy enough for this work they have done to help me, I had pain in my lower back and hip area for the passed 4 years and i have tried everything from chiropractors to having a x ray and a MRI scan and tests on my back / hip to see what was causing this pain. the NHS could not pin point it so i went private to see a consultant to see if they could help. both failed as they said it was from wear and tear at 29? The PT Academy’s work was all from using body movements helping me re adjust my posture and hip alignments. I am now pain free and am able to play football again and after be able to walk with out pain also
— Luke

'An incredibly effective method used by some of the most talented rehabilitation practitioners I've met'

- Pete

Results from many rehabilitation methods are quite often limited or short lived in terms of lasting results as the body will quickly revert back to where it came from. We give your amazing body the experience it needs to fix itself. We have solved previously described "unsolvable pain" by assessing the most basic and complex of human movements... Walking gait! It is the one thing that we have all evolved to do and the single movements that we work so hard to achieve from birth.

We assess your feet and then build a 3D mental model of your skeleton to get an idea of why you are feeling what you are feeling.

We then assess your 3D gait and establish what positions are inhibited and start to work out how to get your body back to its optimal positions. This then builds the framework to which we will facilitate your process from pain to peak performance.