Nutrition could be the reason you're not sleeping well, feeling like you have no energy, constantly craving sweet things or under achieving in your chosen sport.

When I started training with The PT Academy, I had been unsuccessfully trying to loose weight for 6 months. After following his advise on nutrition and training I lost weight steadily over a year from 103Kg to 78Kg whilst building my strength and muscle mass. Since seeing The PT Academy they have also coached me through three half marathons, helping me achieve personal best times.
— Mark
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Full nutrition Plans to suit your goals

Kcals and macronutrient breakdowns

Nutritional tracking using the PT Academy App

Identifying factors of nutrition affecting health

Supplement advice for health and optimal body composition

We work with all of our clients to design a plan and principals that are going to allow the individual to thrive and achieve their goals and of course pitch it at a level that suits you.

Ranging from the simplest of nutritional planning and principals to full macronutrient and supplement plans (using biosignature modulation analysis) we will make sure your taking care of your body in a manageable and sustainable format.