Online PT with a difference! RECeive online coaching and guaranteed results from the awesome trainers at the pt academy. If working with us 1-1 isn't physically possible or your working on a tighter budget you can still take advantage of how we get our clients into shape.

Working with the PT Academy online has given me the structure and the motivation I needed to lose weight. I now go to the gym with an exact plan to follow and come home to a food plan that really works. I dont feel like I’m on a diet (im eating loads!) but my weight is dropping every week and my energy is getting better and better
— Deb, Shepton Mallet.

Analysis of current situation and goal setting

Monthly or bi-monthly 1-1 video calls with your selected PT

Professional online coaching

Bespoke training plans

Ongoing nutritional  and lifestyle advice and plans

24/7 support and direct communication with your coach.


Initial set up and analysis of your current situation and goals. Online profile setup.

Monthly 1-1 or bi-monthly  video calls with your selected PT to discuss your progress and any issues you may be having. This is our chance to motivate you and keep you working hard towards your goal.

Professional online coaching where all of your training programs, nutrition planning and progress reports as well as lifestyle choices will be assessed and solutions created. You just have to stick to it

Bespoke training plans to conduct at home or in a gym near you with all of the needed information including video tutorials of how to perform the movements.

Nutritional advice and plans completely individualised to your energy requirements, lifestyle and goals.


Online PT is great for:

Fat/weight loss

Male body transformation

Female body transformation

General health and Fitness

Posture and movement

Nutritional advice