The PT Academy are excellent trainers; they always listens to my ambitions and needs and tailor the exercises to suit me as well as pushing me on to achieve more. I have made great progress with their help. Other trainers I have worked with just give a standard prescription instead of listening and adapting. I have been training with The PT Academy for four years.
— Richard
When I started training with The PT Academy, I had been unsuccessfully trying to loose weight for 6 months. Prior to this I had problems with my back which had stopped me exercising for 3 years. The PT Academy’s advise on training helped but after following his advise on nutrition and training I lost weight steadily over a year from 103 Kg to 78 Kg. I have now been given a programme to increase muscle mass. Since seeing The PT Academy they have also coached me through three half marathons, helping me achieve personal best times.
— Mark
I joined the gym in June 2015. At the start of my fitness journey I weighed 13st 10lbs and had a body fat percentage of 38.7%. Having never stepped foot in a gym before I realised that I couldn’t begin this journey by myself. I began working with The PT Academy who have been amazing. Brilliantly supportive and tough when they needed to be. I’m now 9st 8lbs and have a body fat percentage of 25% with the goal to keep on going. Seeing The PT Academy gave me the opportunity to gain confidence and energy and have gone from sitting on the couch to working out 4-5 times a week. This journey has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and has changed my life permanently
— Sian
I have been having personal training sessions with The PT Academy for six months and have seen fantastic results in that time. I have never been leaner or stronger, or happier with my physique. The PT Academy have been a complete professional outfit from the start, tailoring my workouts around the goals I want to achieve, and our sessions in the gym have been educational and enjoyable. Crucially though, their efforts extend beyond the gym. They have taught me how to eat a healthy and disciplined diet and have been available throughout the week to monitor my progress and offer helpful advice. They have been the extra motivating force that I needed to make the changes I have wanted to make for many years. I have tried to get in shape numerous times before, and failed every time. In six months working with The PT Academy, I have lost 12 kg and increased muscle mass significantly. My body fat has reduced from 23% to 12%. Simply put, I am in the best shape of my life. If you are serious about making a positive change to your health and wellbeing, speak to The PT Academy. You won’t regret it.’
— Paul

'And of course we have our own health and fitness goals we strive for'

James - Personal Trainer

I started gaining weight over the last 6 years and having reached my heaviest in June 2016, I realized I had to do something about it. Not only was I completely unfit and overweight, but it came to a point that my weight was taking a toll on my health. I always found reasons, and there were plenty, for not taking the initiative to change my lifestyle. Being in the third year of university did not help either as the work pressure was immense and although I wanted to change things around, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull through.

I finally decided to join a gym and started training with The PT Academy. To say they are brilliant personal trainers would be an understatement. they have completely changed my perspective on health and fitness and made me realize the importance of nutrition and how big of an effect it has on our body. All the sessions are tailored specifically to me and they monitor my progress regularly.

When I started training, I was terrified of strength training and now I actually look forward to training twice a week with them. It has been an amazing journey and I would never have been able to achieve anywhere near my goals if I did not have the Pt Academy’s support. They have been an absolute delight to work with and it has been ever so motivational. I have now trained with The Pt Academy for over 6 months and lost around 35 kg. I cannot recommend them enough!
— Sruthi
I first met The PT Academy last June, whilst looking around a wedding fair. I am getting married this June and wanted to tone up and also to strengthen my core to support my back, which I have had trouble with for years.

I can only manage to get to see The PT Academy once a week, but my body has transformed shape and for the first time in my life, I have a waist and muscle definition! I have lost quite a bit of body fat, have gained muscle and feel fitter, more toned and more confident about myself. The dress I have chosen for my wedding is one I would never have contemplated this time last year. I have had so many comments from all sorts of people about how I have changed and what great shape I am in, especially from my partner who is amazed! I now rarely see my chiropractor who has also commented on this. What started out as a trial to get some exercises to tone up, has turned into a life-style for me. I work out more, eat differently and feel great. I will not be stopping after the wedding. It will be on to the next challenge…
— Lisa

'Nothing pleases us more than seeing a client reach their goal, its truly what drives us on to continue delivering'

Craig - Owner

I started training with The PT Academy, because I wanted to add muscle mass and lose fat. I have tried many times to get fit and bulk up, but improvements were hard to come by. The PT Academy has motivated me throughout, and with regular sessions and weigh-ins, I was able to keep motivation levels high throughout! I was recommended bringing body fat down before moving to bulk exercises and it was the right move. It was never going to be easy, but with the comprehensive exercise and nutrition plan, daily stretching routines and a hole heap of confidence and motivation, from only one PT session a week, big improvements were visible within a few weeks. Having trained with The PT Academy for nearly 3years now, I have brought body fat down to 10%, muscle mass and strength has increased hugely and I’m feeling a lot fitter and looking a lot better. The PT Academy has managed to change my lifestyle to a much healthier and fitter one which in itself has brought many improvements. I have found the enthusiasm, commitment and determination something of a rare kind! Its something that quickly rubs off on you helping you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. I view them as friends now more than personal trainers and their knowledge and expertise in this field cannot be overstated. I would recommend The PT Academy to anyone who wants enjoy their workout and generate real long lasting results!
— Shan
I have been training with The PT Academy for more than three years. Simply put I am stronger, fitter and more able to deal with the impact of menopause. The PT Academy challenges and encourages me in equal measure with humour and honest appraisal. I would not be the woman I am without them.
— Claire